How long does it usually take to make an ergonomic crochet hook?

It takes approximately 2-4 hours each depending on the detail. First I sculpt the ergonomic shape, bake it, glaze it, let it dry, paint it, glaze again, let it dry and then it is complete.

What is ergonomic and what are the benefits?

The ergonomic design is intended to provide optimum comfort and to avoid stress or injury. The benefits of an ergonomic design on a crochet hook allows the crocheter to have a more comfortable and less stressd grip this is especially beneficial to those who experience tendinitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, or who have had sugery on their wrists/hands but it is very user friendly to all.

Are these made for pencil or knife crochet hook positions?

I have made my design slim enough to be used with either the pencil grip or knife grip while holding your crochet hook.